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Our cuisine meets the standards

of the Mediterranean diet based

on extra virgin olive oil

and seasonal vegetables.

We use local producers

and farmers’ products.

Our hotel has a family management and customers can breathe homely air and feel pampered

by our full attention.

Sant’ Eufemia a Majella

(878 metres above sea level)

is a typical village of Abruzzo:

its people are friendly and the air

is particularly healthy.

It is the park of the wolf, of the bear, of the wide high-altitude plateaux and wild impressive canyons,

but also the park of hermitages, abbeys, dry-stone huts

and wonderful historic towns belonging to it.

Low stone-built houses; keys left in the door locks; elderly people sitting outside, waiting for a passerby to have a chat with.


Fountains and squares, dressed in flowers; the grove, an equipped picnic area, filled with cyclamens, wild strawberries and fragrant violets; streams which overflow the surrounding fields and foster the growth of primroses.

       We are immersed in the Majella Mountain which also gives its name to our National Park, a protected area rich in flora, fauna and historic towns, in short a universe to explore.


                                About Isa (the hotel owner)

We would be happy

to accommodate you!

Sant’ Eufemia a Majella will make you feel at home


       This summer I ended up in a small hotel on the Majella Mountain run by one of my fans. I was the only guest, it was amazing:

we talked about books all night long...


                          Susanna Tamaro (writer)

Albergo Ristorante Parco della Maiella

Via Roma, 2 - 65020 S.Eufemia a Maiella (PE) Italy - Tel e fax 085 920398 M. 3393970931 - email:

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