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The trekking trails starting from town are various. At Lama Bianca

it is possible to walk along beautiful routes; here you can also find a picnic area and a path

for the disabled.

Thanks to the presence of a horse riding park, you have the chance to enjoy the Majella and Morrone mountains on horseback or in a carriage. Some paths go across the Majella National Park and can also be practiced with expert guides.

Mountain biking is a perfect activity for this mountain environment,

not particularly steep.

The area is rich in pebbly country roads and off road trails ideal

for biking.

Located 10 km from Sant’ Eufemia a Majella, at Passo San Leonardo there is a small ski resort with 5 alpine ski runs and two baby runs.

In the area there are also lots of paths suitable for snowshoe excursions or downhill skiing.

The thermal baths of Caramanico, with its sulphurous mineral waters, useful against respiratory diseases.

An interesting off road trail

to Lama Bianca.

The Apennine Wolf

in the Oasis wildlife of Popoli.

Mountain biking

along the Orta river.

Municipal swimming pool

in Caramanico Terme.

Alpine skiing in the rava(narrow valley) "Giumenta bianca".

Adventure Park Majagreen.


Snowshoeing towards

Mount Mileto.

An excursion towards

Mount Rapina.


A route leading to Mount Amaro from Rava del Ferro.


A horseback path in the area

of Lama Bianca.

(Parco Equituristico Majella Morrone)

A carriage ride

nearby the village.

(Parco Equituristico Majella Morrone)

A holiday to live!

I remember my first climbings from Rava del Ferro to Mount Amaro, spending the night at the shelter Pomilio.

And then, the return across the tops, overlooking the Orfento valley, until we reached the Blockhaus. The ascents to Mount Morrone, dressed in autumn colours, towards Passo San Leonardo, or on the top of the trail which, from Rocca Caramanico, goes towards Salle.

The valleys in full bloom, especially in the middle of summer, which open to view once you reach the top.The excursions along the Orfento valley,

from the walk in Scalelle on wooden bridges over the river to the more challenging Ford of St. Antonio.

I remember mountain biking excursions on rough trails covered with leaves, when I pushed myself up to the Vespa and the Pratuccio with my friends, after stopping at Lama Bianca.

Lama Bianca is a beautiful beech forest (1500 metres above sea level) with its paths for the disabled, the flowing frozen water at source,

the tall leafy beech trees, shelter from summer showers.

Discover Majella

in Winter

Discover Majella

in Summer

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