Restaurant Breakfast  Afternoon Snack Dinner

La sala ristorante può ospitare

fino a 100 persone; si possono organizzare feste e cerimonie

in qualsiasi periodo dell'anno. L'ambiente è caldo ed accogliente arredato con elementi tipici della nostra tradizione.

Wide selection of local cheese from the town dairy.

A pudding is a fitting conclusion

to a meal.

The fiadone, a typical cheese biscuit of the Easter tradition,

is an excellent appetizer.

In spring you can always find the inevitable strawberry cake

on our tables.

The art of making pasta at home with quality ingredients has been handed down throughout generations.

A simple chocolate cake can become irresistible for breakfast.

The parmigiana (made with aubergines, tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese) is a real delicacy.

A comfortable environment is the suitable background

to an authentic cuisine.

In the mountains, as it is known, breakfast is an important meal, sweet or salty that it is. By our hotel cakes are definitely homemade

and dairy products come from

the town dairy.

At any time in the afternoon you can have a tasty snack with local seasonal fruit, or biscuits stuffed with some of the best jams, prepared according to old recipes.

Our catering service is also available in the evening, whether for a quick dinner or for a pizza.

A popular evening dish are “arrosticini”(pieces of sheep meat layered on small wooden sticks) cooked over charcoal

and served steaming.


Flavours and Fragrances of Our Cuisine

"The passion I have invested in knowing my territory is now poured in the preparation of typical tasty dishes"


I grew up in this hotel, built by my father when I was in the kindergarten. He shared his dream with us.

He prepared banquets with grilled meat; the women helping him in the kitchen kneaded gnocchi, tagliatelle, sagne.

I wandered around while he recommended I should stay in the kitchen, so that I could learn ..


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